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Here you’ll find answers to the questions we get most often at WonderBra Canada.

Got a question or concern regarding a WonderBra product, such as how to adjust your bra for a flawless fit, or how to choose the perfect pair of panties?

My bras don’t fit right anymore. What should I do?

The style that once fit like a glove doesn’t feel right anymore? When did you last have a bra fitting? Your body changes over time, so naturally, your bra size changes as well. Weight gain or loss, pregnancy, menopause and illness are among the factors that can affect your figure. We recommend a fitting once a year, or after any change in your body.

Your size hasn’t changed but your bra doesn’t fit anymore? Perhaps frequent use has worn out the fabric and a perfect fit is no longer possible. Consider replacing it with a new one.

Remember that a poorly-fitting bra, in addition to causing discomfort, can lead to back problems.

My bra size is hard to find and there are few styles available. What’s the solution?

Keep in mind that each woman is different, and if she has a non-standard shape, finding a bra that fits can be a tough job.

First, you should look for an equivalent size. Begin by increasing the band size while decreasing the cup size. For example, if you’re considering a 38C, you could also try a 40B.
A less frequent solution is to decrease the band size and try a cup one size larger. In this case, if you generally wear a 36C, you might find a better fit with a 34D.

While trying on a bra, pay close attention to the back closure. Make sure it’s properly adjusted to provide enough support without leaving marks on your skin.

Take your time. Try on many sizes in one style and different styles in one size.

To learn more about trying on bras, see our WonderBra Fit Guide.

I bought a bra in the U.S. and would like to find the same style in Canada. Is it possible?

WonderBra is a long-standing Canadian brand, and we’re also present in many other countries. However, our styles and sizes vary from one market to the next. For this reason, American styles are not sold in Canada.

To find an equivalent, take the bra to a department store or a lingerie boutique and show it to the salesperson. She can help you pick out a similar style.

The straps of my bra constantly slip off my shoulders, even though it’s new. What should I do?

If your bra straps are slipping, first make sure they are properly adjusted. See our strap adjustment guide.

If you still encounter the problem after properly adjusting the straps, the bra style could be the reason. Women with narrow or sloping shoulders often experience this inconvenience. In this case, go for a style with closer-set straps or with a U-shaped back.

The underwire of my bra is causing pain. Is it worn out?

This very frequent problem is not always due to excessive wear, but could result from the wrong adjustment. You might also be wearing the wrong bra size. In a poorly-fitted bra, pressure points in the underwire can cause discomfort from chafing.

To learn more, see our WonderBra Fit Guide.

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