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One size doesn’t fit all!

Choosing the right size bra is essential, but how the bra fits is equally important. If you feel uncomfortable because your bra is not properly fitted, we have the answer!

Here you’ll find useful advice to solve the most frequent issues in bra fitting and to help you find a bra that feels just right and looks amazing!


Underwire pinching or digging in? Keep it snug against the ribs.

The underwire should gently cradle each breast and be the right size for you. It should fit snugly against your ribs without pinching or digging. The centre of the bra should sit firmly against your sternum.

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The right way to put on a bra

Lean forward and gently shake your shoulders while positioning your breasts in the cups. Stand up straight, attach the hooks and make sure the band is even and straight across your back.


Noticing spillage? Try rounding your curves.

Spillage generally happens because your cup is too small. Smooth out your curves by choosing a larger cup or a bra with more coverage.


Bulging on the sides? Try smoothing your figure.

For an even, tailored appearance, choose a bra with sides and back-smoothing features, or go for a style with wider sides and firm support in the back.


Slipping or digging in? Be good to your shoulders!

If your straps are digging in, try loosening them, or choose a style with wider or cushioned straps. If your straps are slipping, try tightening them, or look for a style with either a U-shaped back or with straps that are set closer at the back. Remember, you should easily be able to insert a finger between the strap and your shoulder.

See styles with wider or cushioned straps
See styles with a U-shaped back or with firm back support


Riding up in the back? The secret is in the band.

When it comes to support, the band is the most important part of the bra. To provide optimal support, it should be level all around.

If the band is too loose, it will ride up your back, leading to sagging in the front due to a lack of support. Try loosening the straps and hooking the bra more snugly, or choose a bra with a smaller band size.


Wrinkles in the front? Try switching cups.

Bra cups should be free of wrinkles or creases. If you notice excess fabric in your cups, try a smaller cup size, or go for a rounded design with less projection.