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Breathable fabrics: Oxygen to the girls!

These high-tech fabrics, inspired by athletic wear, allow the skin to breathe and help keep moisture away. Not only do they feel cool and dry all day, these ultra-smooth materials also deliver the ultimate in comfort. See styles with this innovation


Comfort-U® Design: Straps that never let you down

This back designed in the shape of a “U” ensures that straps always stay in place.

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Coolmax®: Let the fresh air flow!

These high performance fabrics are soft, breathable and moisture wicking, helping you stay cool, dry and comfortable.

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LYCRA® and COOLMAX® are trademarks of INVISTA.p>


Cushioned or Gel-filled straps: A weight off your shoulder!

Our pioneering cushioned or gel-filled straps, the last word in shoulder pampering, are the ideal solution to reduce dig-in and red marks. These straps help keep the shoulders protected, for optimum comfort and a light feel throughout the day.

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Fusion fabrics: Blend for the future

Used in this sense, ‘fusion’ refers to the process of combining two layers of fabric. The result is a material that offers enhanced comfort, support and durability.

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Gel push-up: Inspired and uplifting

Push-up with gel padding provides a comfortable fit that helps shape with your figure.

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Limitless straps: Any way you want it!

Innovative eyelets all along the top of the cup provide multiple options to fasten the straps.

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Lycra ® FreshFX ®

Lycra® FreshFX®: Love the effects, enjoy the convenience

Quick-drying Lycra®FreshFX® fabric combines breathability and softness with moisture wicking properties for all day freshness, comfort and exceptional fit.

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LYCRA® and FRESHFX® are trademarks of INVISTA.


No Poke Side-StayTM: Treat your ribs right!

Innovative side-stay with flexible tips prevents poke-through and dig-in to give you maximum comfort.

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No Poke WireTM: Freedom without limits!

These innovative spring-tipped wires adjust to body movements to prevent poke-through and dig-in.

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Spacer fabric: Shaping the modern era

This extremely lightweight, supple knit, featuring space between the layers of fabric, allows continuous air circulation for all-day comfort. It provides natural shaping, total opacity and a tailored look without adding volume.

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Sports strap adjustment: Work out with full confidence

Our innovative strap adjustment features channelled elastic to allow a customized adjustment and the ultimate in motion control.

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Stay-put straps: Move as you please!

Our innovative stay-put straps are designed to remain in place while distributing pressure evenly for ultimate comfort, no digging and no sliding off the shoulders.

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WonderBand®: You're in control now

This folded band beneath the bust stretches and adapts to your shape and movement, providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

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Wonder Shapers®: Your figure at its finest

Our side -shaping panels provide the comfort of a wire free cup, with all the lifting and shaping effect of an underwire.

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