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Caring for your lingerie

Caring for your lingerie
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Have you ever wondered how to best wash your lingerie to make it last longer? You often hear that it’s better to wash delicates by hand, but is that really true?

Quality and care go hand in hand
What’s the secret to a woman’s comfort and style? Quality lingerie. Touch the fabric to ensure it’s of high quality. It should be solid, yet soft enough to avoid causing irritation. The bra should be firm and the stitching straight. When you try it on, it should feel totally comfortable and fit you like a glove, so to speak.

Wash and wear…every time
Taking care of your lingerie is key to preserving its quality, elasticity and lifespan. Wash it after every wear. Separate whites from other colours and turn them inside out. Delicates should always be washed by hand. Wash them in cold water with a mild soap and no bleach. If you choose to machine wash instead, fasten hooks, so they won’t get caught or jammed in the machine. Place your undergarments in a lingerie wash bag and use the gentle cycle. Avoid using the dryer as it can damage fabrics. Air dry your undergarments on a drying rack or clothes hanger.

If you take good care of your lingerie, it will stay fresh, comfortable and appealing. It will last longer too.

And what about you? Do you have any lingerie care secrets you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!